Planning a workout routine, you first need to know what will be your exercise frequency and your workout split, this includes mainly two parts.                                                                                                    1. Exercise frequency:- which means how many times you need to work out in a week ( weight training and cardio both).                                                                                                                                      2. Muscle group frequency:- How many times you are going to train your one muscle group or a body part(for example BACK is muscle group and how many times you are going to train it, once a week twice a week or thrice a week we will see what will be best for you.

And it is not like we are neglecting cardio, yes cardio is a very effective way of training to achieve certain results but it totally depends on, in what condition you are in for example if you are fat then you should do cardio 3 times a week if you are a skinny person then you should avoid cardio workouts and focus on weight training and your diet.

SO HOW MANY DAYS ARE YOU GOING TO TRAIN IN A WEEK,?                                                                 Answer to this question will be more clear after we chose what split (how many times we are going to train a muscle in a week) we are going to chose, as for now to be clear you cannot work out all 7 days in a week, you need to add some rest days in between your workout to ensure proper development of muscle and how many days you should be taking as rest days will be more clear from what type of split works best for you, to give you a hint if you are fat then you are going to have only one rest day in a week, but if you are in advanced phase then you can have up to three rest days in a week, on an average people should at least do weight training 3 days a week and if cardio is included then the number of working days will increase.

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Deciding  muscle group or body part frequency 

There are basically three types of frequency 

  • Training one body part/muscle group once a week 1x
  • Training one body part/muscle group twice a week 2x
  • Training one body part/muscle group Thrice a week 3x

Training Thrice body part/muscle group once a week 3x

Training Three times a week is a form of High-frequency training in which we train a muscle group three times in a week, that means you would be training your CHEST 3 times per week and all the other body parts too, The most common and recommended way of doing full body workouts                                                                                                        FULL BODY WORKOUTThis means training all body parts in a single workout session, This doesn’t mean that you will have to spend 3-4 hours in a gym or in your workout area. As you would be doing 3 full body workouts in a week the volume of your workout is divided equally.








You can adjust the days according to your convenience but just remember  that  You SHOULD NOT BE DOING TWO FULL BODY WORKOUT CONSECUTIVELY  there must be an off day or a cardio day 

WHO SHOULD DO CARDIO AND HOW MUCH: It depends on what is your body fat level if you are fat then you can add cardio workouts in between of your full body workouts, if you are thin /underweight/skinny Then do not add cardio in all Rest/off days what would you achieve by doing cardio?  make your bones thinner? (it was a joke) but yes you can add cardio in your workout once a week if you really love doing cardio or you want to improve your stamina or you have a goal of running 10 miles without stopping( do not run that long every day take a taxi).

For Whom Full Body Workout Is Best Suited For :                                                                    

This workout split Works well on all type of people but it Works best for BEGINNERS, Here each muscle group is getting trained in every 2nd or 3rd day which means  that many time your muscle fibers will be torn and get repaired and the number of times your muscle fibres get torn and repaired the more muscle you would gain and there is a term called Newbie Gains which says that beginners gain muscle faster than an intermediate level or advanced level people so hushh finally an advantage of being a newbie so which means you will start to look musclely  very soon? yes, you might be if you follow your workout routine and proper diet plan. So if you are a beginner this is your workout routine and that many numbers of times you need to work your ass off.

And this works Best for non-beginners for whom their primary goal is increasing strength, so if you are a beginner then you should start with this routine and if you want to get stronger then this is perfect for you or you want to do both then automatically this becomes the best possible option

For Whom Full Body Workout Is Not Suited For and how to screw this plan:                                    This plan is not suited for Those who are not beginners and those who do not have strength related goals if you are already on an intermediate  level then it’s not recommended to follow this routine its not like this won’t work for you, it wont’t work BEST for you can have faster growth from the routine we are going to see next.

And how to screw things up ( these are obviously things you should not do) as your full body workout is divided into three parts ( day 1, day 2, day 3) in entire week that means that your workout volume is also divided into three parts, lets say if you were going to train your chest only once a week you would have done “12 sets of 10 reps each” this is your workout volume for the week as for now on you are going to workout chest three times a week you need to divide that 12 sets into three parts and you will  be doing 4 sets of 10 reps each for chest in single day and on your next workout you would again do only 4 sets, so the total amount of work put done throughout the week remains equal, how people screw this is they do 12 sets in a single workout session, DO NOT add more volume as your muscle only has one or two days next to recover and for optimum growth you need that part to be compleatly recoverd before next your next full body workout .