Does sweating reduce fat? really?

The Straight forward answer to this question is a BIG NO.  Sweating is just a response of our body towards heat. Simple? Well, there are two types of sweat.  

1) Normal sweating or Hot Sweats: 

these sweats generally occur due to heat from the surrounding environment (like in summers or near a Furness), or due to some physical activity which results raised heartbeats.

2) Cold sweats: 

 These are mostly due to Anxiety or just anything which makes the situation stressful this is our body’s reaction towards stress hormone also makes our body more perceptive. There is one more type of cold sweat which is Night Sweats which I am not going to discuss it here as it is irrelevant. And if the sweating is abnormal then go see a doctor this might be dangerous.

 SO does any of these type of sweats do burn the fat? AGAIN the answer is NO, SWEAT IS NOT FAT CRYING.

What is fat?  

for basic understanding, Fat is energy stored in our body for future use it is the excessive energy( overeating) that we stored in our body and never used. And sweating is a process of water regulation of our body.  Do you see any relation between those two? absolutely NOT.

Does the sauna belt work?

There are commercials trying to fool people on TV about a belt which we have to wrap or tie around our belly and what they do is heat and may vibrate and this causes sweating and in the ad, people using that product are already fit they just show a fake Before and After images and try to fool people.

But the interesting part comes when people start using that belt for the first time they really experience weight loss maybe a one or two pounds of weight loss in a single day that is equal to a weeks effort and dieting

It is true that they lost WEIGHT but did they lose fat? NO, did they lose some muscle? NO, what they lost is sweat which is what, water right? they lost water weight that they will gain again before the day ends after they drink water and body replenish its water resources

Moreover, You can’t lose fat from a targeted body part SPOT REDUCTION is a myth, not only the belt but also all kind of pills as well as different types of oils or massages vibrators are worthless all they can do is make you feel relaxed. 

Always remember when something sounds too good to be true stay away and observe from a distance what happens to other people doing it. STAY AWAY from those quick fix type products.

This is what happens when you sweat, you just lose some water weight. some peoples were 1-2 extra cloth or tracksuit and then go running so they will sweat more STOP this.

Natural sweating is completely fine that helps in regulating water throughout the body and it removes toxins too, it is good for skin. but Intentionally trying to sweat more it will have no advantages it would be irritating in fact.

Does a steam bath/sauna help in burning fat? 

AGAIN NO. ( i hope this much of NO was sufficient to prove my point) what steam bath or a sauna does is one produces wet heat and one produces dry heat, the common thing in both is both make our surrounding temperature higher in reply or body starts sweating to keep our body temperature normal. so No fat loss here

How to actually Burn fat? 

Fat is just energy stored, right? what we should do to burn fat, we will have to use up that energy and how can we do that?  click on the link to read about this.