You are on this page, it means you want to create a workout plan for yourself, amazing 

This is going to be the most logical workout plan backed up by ACTUAL RESEARCH, so this isn’t just any workout plan, this is going to show results, so this is going to be fast working with better results.

Steps :

For your workout routine to be logical we are going to take the following steps:

  1. What is your goal and how long you’ve been training:                       

    Before you start anywhere you need to decide what is your goal and you already know that even before clicking that link which brought you here so what you wanna do with your body  lose some fat, lose a lot of fat, build muscle, build muscle and lose fat, look great in pictures, get toned, get stronger,…. and for how long you’ve been training for or you are a complete beginner we , we are going to cover up this topic in this page.

  2. How often can you workout:                                                                                                                  How many times you can workout in a week or go to the gym in a week(home workout is completely fine too) 6 days a week? or only 3 or 4 days a week .how many times you are going to train your muscle in a week what type of workout split you should include in your routine 1x, 2x,3x we will discuss the pros and cons of all of them later on, it completely depends on how much time you can make for your body.
  3. Figure out your training intensity and volume:                                                                                        Intensity refers to how hard you are going to train and is a way to measure intensity, How much weight heavy weight lifting will be right for you how much reps and sets you should be able to do it for and what is optimal for your type of results? how much cardio you should be doing 
  4. Selection of proper exercises:                                                                                                                once you decide the intensity and volume then its time to make a list for what exercises you are going to do, there are exercises which surely gives you results but people don’t add them into their workouts and there are tonnes of other useless exercises that can cause injury and are not worth your time so selection is important.
  5. Nothing will work until you follow a proper diet plan:                                                                          Try to implement everything above with a proper diet plan, your body only reflects what you put into it.


What is your goal and how long you’ve been training:

You have in your mind right? what you want to achieve what goal you are going to set what is THAT thing you are taking effort for, if not then ask yourself first.

Just try to be as specific as you can. Most common thoughts would be like

  • I want to lose fat
  • I want to gain muscles
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to gain weight
  • I want to get TONED
  • I want to get healthier
  • I want to increase strength 
  • I want to look good in pictures, on the beach
  • Or any of the combinations.

Again these are just some broad views of goals, many of you might have thought goals from a more specific way like, gaining this much pounds/kilograms of muscle, lose This much lbs /kg fat, lose x inches from your belly, get a 6 pack abs.  no matter how broad or specific you thought the most important thing is to have a basic idea what you want to achieve. Just keep in mind we are going to set a routine which is going to fit in your lifestyle not vice-versa.

Now you need to know what is your training level to be exactly what is your weight training level ( now don’t be like i just want to lose some weight i don’t want to be bulky, I don’t want puffy muscles I don’t want to do weight training i am just giving you a spoiler that weight training is a better way to lose fat than typical cardio)

Meaning, in what category would you put yourself into :

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The reason to know this is our body is adaptive and as we train or we have been working out for a long time our body gets used to it so there are different plans to maximize the results for each.

In easy words…

  • Beginners need to work in a different way to get optimum results 
  • Intermediates need to use an intermediate workout routine in order to get their best results.
  • in Advanced phase, people need to use an advanced workout routine in order to get their best results.

So These levels are measured by 


Those who are just beginning there journey and are planning to take care of there body and prioritizing there body goals.                                                                                                                              Beginners phase last upto a minimum of  6 months of weight training to be exact 6 months to 1 year of logical weight training, it doesn’t matter if I’ve been training for the last 10 years pointlessly inconsistent  or in some worthless manner that would add zero value in my side of the experience  and that might be the reason i was not getting the results I wanted, if that is the case with you too there is no harm in starting from the beginners stage and that goes for the people who used to work logically for a good amount of time and then stopped due to some reason they are also be categorized as beginners.


Intermediates are those who trained for more than 1 year in a logical manner (without slacking and in a respectable manner), So there might have been some plan that you followed that brought you upto this level and you are in the intermediate level that declares that you have the built some muscles, increased strength and stamina, improved tolerance and work capacity and you have  the key to growth that is discipline.


In Advanced phase, you would be considered above an intermediate obviously and you would have a lot of weight training experience. Training should have become a mandatory part of your life by now.

In this phase, you have already achieved the results that you were targeting for and from now on you will not see any sudden improvement over months, it will take a long time for you to gain more muscle compared to an intermediate or a beginner 

To be in this category there is an experience requirement of minimum 3 years, some people get into this phase after 5 years some after 8, irrespective of time if you have achieved the same results before this time window then also you are an advanced trainee 

So don’t put yourself into the advanced category just by yourself there are 90% chances that a person who is in this category already know what he needs to do and he doesn’t need help of any guide to follow which would tell him what to do next.                                                                                      if you want the best results just be honest yourself and categorize yourself.



How often you should work out – what should be the ideal frequency of training!

feel free to ask any doubt comment below  🙂 keep hustling