Cardio is a great form of workout and it is done by most of the people pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  People do cardio because they want to achieve certain goals and there is a lot of misunderstanding of what you can achieve through cardio. people do cardio mostly because;-

  • They want to lose fat
  • They want to increase stamina
  • They want to reduce body fat
  • Tone the body and muscles

well, the straight forward truth is cardio is not the reason for the fat loss or weight loss. The only thing which helps in fat loss or weight loss is being in a caloric deficit. And cardio is a very effective tool for burning calories which can lead to a proper caloric deficit if done properly.


If your target is weight loss or fat loss or you are going through your cutting session and you are struggling to maintain a caloric deficit then you MUST add cardio in your workout plan. And if you are overweight and want to add a cheat day in a week then do a bit more cardio every day so you can eat your favorite food ( in a limit obviously ) while achieving  your goals at the end of week/month

Cardio has some more benefits other than just burning calories so it is recommended to do cardio at least once a week. by the name of it is very clear cardio is related to heart and it can be considered as a workout for our heart it improves our stamina, endurance, blood circulation, burns calories, reduces stress. 

If you only rely upon strength training there will come a time when your muscles would be capable of lifting more but you will be out of breath sooner and it will affect your workout at a great extent.